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FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gas expanding capsule and how does it work?

It is a gas generator used to break rock and concrete without the usual problems associated with explosives. It is used by drilling a hole in the rock or concrete – insert the capsule – stem the hole and fire. It’s that easy. It can be fired as a single shot or in multiples. It has its own built in igniter.


How does it differ from explosives?

Unlike conventional explosives RYDEX is composed of gas generating compound which when ignited, burn to develop a large volume of gas, and because of its confinement, a pressure builds up, which causes the rock or concrete to split apart, instantaneously, with low noise, low vibration and no fly which accompanies regular explosives, thus enabling it to be used for demolition on Inner City sites, Motorways and Dimensional Stone Quarries to name just a few of its uses.


Who can use rydex or zeodos?

After attending one of our training courses and providing the trainer is sure you have fully understood the course you will obtain a certificate of qualification and will be entitled to use our products. The Spanish authorities in your region will then be notified and will be provided with a copy of this certificate along with your contact details.


How can the capsules be stored? Legal requirements.

Depending on where the product will be used, there are different steps:

  • For common use in quarries, the product should be added to the yearly work plan. In the event it should be decided to use the product after the yearly work plan has already been presented the following steps shown in occasional use in quarries should be taken.
  • For occasional use in quarries (or if decided to use the product after having presented the yearly work plan) there are two possibilities:
    • Quarries with an unused powder keg/explosives storage à Can store in the powder keg/explosives storage (even with only 1 key) This should be notified to the authorities beforehand and the storage should not be shared with explosives or detonators.
    • Quarry without powder keg/explosives storage à STORAGE UP TO 30 KG. à MÁXIMUM 6 BOXES 100g. It will be necessary to provide the authorities in the area with a work plan.
  • For use in civil engineering, a descriptive work plan of the project and use of the product should be presented to the authorities in the Area where the work will be carried out.


Can entire blocks be extracted without damaging the Stone?

Yes, the breakages can be controlled so as to avoid any damages.


Can it be used in the ground?

Yes, our formula produces enough force to break embedded rock. See photos and videos.


Can it be used for tunneling?

Yes, see recommendations in the user manual.


Can it be used in explosive atmospheres?



Can it be used under water?

The capsules are waterproof and not only work in damp areas but also under water. Stem with sand from seabed.


What if the drill hole is full of water?

Eliminate the water with a pump before placing the capsules otherwise fly rock could occur and there would be much more noise than usual. Also the stemming could fail to compact and the capsules would shoot out.


What size drill should be used?

Although the capsules vary in length the diameter of the capsules is 28.5mm for all sizes so 32-34 mm diameter is ideal.

The depth of the drill in general terms should be 2/3 of the total depth of the material to be broken. It is very similar to the drilling for use of expanding cement. The design of angles of the drill holes for the operation and disposition is the same but the number of holes and separation is evidently different. For example, for 150gr capsules the separation of holes would be about 150 cm


How should stemming be done?

After placing the capsule, the hole should ideally be stemmed with ordinary slightly damp sand which is usually available on any worksite. For other options see manual.


Multiple shots; should they be connected in series or parallel?

The amount of simultaneous shots is determined by the type of exploder used. We advise to connect capsules in parallel to avoid a fail shot affecting the entire operation.


What happens with an overload?

The margin between the optimum charge and an overload is quite wide. This means that even if the charge is overestimated the consequents will only be an increase in smoke and noise and some fly rock may occur.

In case of immense overload (for example 50 g capsules in less than 1m3 of rock) there would be an increase in noise and smoke, fly rock and maybe even flames.



















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